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Dhyana Meditation Ring – Smart Device for Relaxation

Dhyana Meditation Ring - Smart Device for Relaxation | Gadget Gets
dhyana meditation ring smart device for relaxation breathing focus

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Dhyana Meditation Ring - Smart Device for Relaxation, Breathing, Focus, Mindfulness - Biofeedback App - Meditate - Wellness Tracking - Stress, Anxiety - Wireless Charging, Bluetooth - HRV Sensors

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  • MEDITATION RING FOR WELLNESS TRACKING - This smart meditation ring device by Dhyana was developed to help improve your overall well being, motivation, and daily mindfulness activities and rituals. Made with safe HRV sensors, an incredible 7-day active battery and wireless charging capabilities, it's not only easy to charge but even easier to charge up and carry around with you too.
  • UNWIND, RELAX, RELIEVE STRESS AND ANXIETY - Our Dhyana meditation ring helps you to keep mediation as a regular habit. Meditation is ideal for unwinding, relaxing and refocusing your mind. It's also a great way to help you stay on top of self-care and keep track of good daily mental health practices. Set goals and work on various aspects to relieve key areas like stress, tension and tiredness, as well as managing anxiety.
  • BIOFEEDBACK GUIDANCE AND EASY TO CARRY - This smart device works to provide you with biofeedback for instant guidance when your mind loses focus, or when you need to centre and control your breath. It measures your heart rate variability, which offers insights into your Auto-Nervous System, more commonly known as your subconscious! You can see this easily decoded directly in the Dhyana app as a wave pattern, for easy usability and understanding.
  • ANALYTICS DRIVEN WITH INSIGHTS TO IMPROVE - Bring focus and relaxation to your day, to relax your mind, body and soul. Driven by analytics for improved performance during your meditation, you can review a detailed report after each session through the Dhyana meditation tracking app. The report provides you with insights on your breathing and levels of relaxation throughout, as well as showing you the times when your mind was distracted or remained mindful.
  • MEDITATE WITH THE DHYANA APP ANYWHERE - Benefit from better and deeper sleep, improved focus and mindfulness, reduced stress, and much more. The Dhyana App is filled with countless meditations, inspired by different practices and interests across the globe. It's compatible with many meditation apps, including YouTube, Headspace and Calm. Designed to be compact for convenient transportation, this meditation ring easily fits in a work bag, pocket, backpack or handbag, for mindfulness anywhere!

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