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Google Pixel 5 Review and New Specifications

A decade later with the Pixel 5, designed by the HTC team that Google since earned, the Alphabet Inc. unit seems to be returning to its original philosophy.Beautiful moments, beautifully captured. It is now the ultimate pixel, camera, now an ultraviolet lens and new goodies that help you shoot and edit like professionals. You too can become a professional photographer. It is very good to take pictures in the dark, the pictures of this moment are very beautiful From low-light portraits to starry nights, Night View lets you capture all the details without the flash in this pixel 5.

google pixel 5

  • You can take super video clip through the phone.
  • The phone has all the great features that will make your journey a lot easier.
  • The phone has a sophisticated camera that will help you take the best shots. The picture will be very interesting.

This is a smartphone that has a wireless charger. You can charge your phone even if you want to sit away.This sophisticated technology has been used in the phone to make your time comfortable.The phone uses a sophisticated battery that can last more than 48 hours.

Security threats have been used in the phone. If someone threatens you, you can find him through the phone and also store various information. Through which you can easily identify the guilty person.

Everyone’s favorite google assistant has been used in the phone. Through which you can take your solution on the go, on the go. The technology is very nice. Any problem can be solved very easily through this. It is very popular with everyone…

Updates you don’t have to remember. Automatically receive the latest security updates as soon as they’re ready, so your phone stays safe and up to date with the latest software.

Hackers are one step ahead. Pixel scans for threats from calls, texts, emails and links sent from other applications. It scans more than 100 billion applications a day to keep your phone safe. No one will be able to scan your data easily so that you will be 100% worry free.

If you have a car accident, the phone will automatically call 911 to get your desired service. Through which you can think a little less about your life.



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