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Isarn Electric Phin 3 Strings, Thai Lao Guitar Musical Instrument

Isarn Electric Phin 3 Strings, Thai Lao Guitar Musical Instrument, Traditional Thai Musical Pin 11

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  • imported from Thailand.
  • 100% Handmade /// pattern varies from natural wood texture
  • Size : 1.20 x 0.30 m.
  • A type of northeastern lute with a pear-shaped body having flets on the neck and over which two-three metal strings run plicked by pick of the right hand while playing
  • Key : Am = Low String ~ E, Middle String ~ A, High String ~ E Key : Gm = Low String ~ D, Middle String ~ G, High String ~ D Key : Bm = Low String ~ F#, Middle String ~ B, High String ~ F# Scale : Diatonic (fret no.2 = F#, B, F#)

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