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New Original Russian Balalaika Prima 3 Strings. Natural Wood. Classic Folk Musical Instrument

New Original Russian Balalaika Prima 3 Strings. Natural Wood. Classic Folk Musical Instrument.

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  • New Classic Russian Balalaika Prima 3 Strings. Natural Wood. Original Folk Musical Instrument.
  • This is a musical instrument for orchestra, ensemble and solo players. It is also a good musical instrument for beginners. This balalaika is absolutely new. It was made in Ukraine. The instrument is made of of maple and white wood. Body canted with valuable species of timber. Pegs mechanics belongs to an open type.
  • Characteristics: Strings: 3 Frets: 24 Neck: maple Fretboard: beech Top: laminated carpathian spruce or nutwood Back & sides: hard plastic Length is 68 cm or 26.8 inches, width is 43 cm or 16.93 inches Approximatle weight is 1400 grammes Audio range 1 ¾ from note mi (E) of the first octave to the note C sharp of the third octave 1st string is tuned in unison with tuning fork a1, 2nd and 3d string are pressed on the fifth stop – in unison with the 1st open string
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