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Ravin R29 Sniper Crossbow

Ravin R29 Sniper Crossbow | Gadget Gets
ravin crossbow r29 430 fps sniper crossbow package predator dusk camo

Hello crossbowmen. Get hold of this incredible Ravin bundle, and shoot like never before! Building on the foundation of the Ravin R29 Sniper Crossbow Package

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Hello crossbowmen. Get hold of this incredible Ravin bundle, and shoot like never before! Building on the foundation of the Ravin R29 Sniper Crossbow Package Compact platform and new to the lineup for 2020 is the new R29 Sniper Package. Along with Ravin’s HeliCoil Technology and the new fully integrated Silent Cocking System, we’ve added a tactical crossbow scope, scope level, premium .001 arrows, and the adjustable jack plate elevation mount.

The jack plate adjustable elevation mount allows shooters to adjust yardage between 20 and 200 yards with a simple turn of the dial, making the R29 Sniper Package the perfect set-up for those looking for fast speed and thrilling accuracy. Available in Predator Dusk Camo, exclusive to Ravin Crossbows.

RAVIN Crossbow R29 430 FPS Sniper Crossbow Package - Predator Dusk Camo Crossbow Serving and String Fluid

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  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The new R29 is an incredible 5.5 inches shorter than the R20 and still delivers arrows at 430 FPS with a punishing 164-foot pounds of kinetic energy. Featuring a 12.5 inches power stroke, the Ravin R29 measures 29 inches in length and weighs 6.75 pounds. The Ravin R29 maintains its sleek design with an incredible axle-to-axle with of a mere 6 inches when fully-drawn.
  • HELICOIL TECHNOLOGY: The Ravin R29 Crossbow provides rifle-like accuracy in an ultra-compact package. And it's all thanks to the new and improved Helicoil Technology. Advanced HeliCoil Technology coils cables away from both the top and bottom of the cam in helical grooves, keeping the limbs and cams perfectly balanced and allowing the cams to rotate an amazing 340º.
  • FRICTIONLESS FLIGHT SYSTEM: Every bow hunter knows that friction is the enemy of speed and accuracy. Ravin has solved that dilemma with their innovative Frictionless Flight System. Unlike traditional crossbow designs in which the arrow rides directly on the rail, the Frictionless Flight System allows the arrow and string to free float above the rail. Zero friction means increased speed and accuracy, plus extended life for strings and cables.
  • TRAC-TRIGGER FIRING SYSTEM: Ravin's Trac-Trigger Firing System is designed to give you the confidence and peace of mind of knowing that when you pull the trigger on the R29, your arrow will fly true to its target every time. The Trac-Trigger System slides forward on the rail and clasps directly to the precise center of the string every time the bow is drawn.
  • SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE: Photo4less is a RAVIN AUTHORIZED DEALER. Shop with a peace of mind knowing that your purchase is fully backed by RAVIN with Photo4less exceptional Customer Service. We go that extra mile to satisfy our customers. Shop once with us, and a Photo4less customer forever.

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